The process of predicting which programming language will be the most popular in the future can be a daunting one. One thing is for sure, though; the need for highly professional and skilled coders will only increase in the future.

But for the ones that are aspiring to be the movers and shakers, a question will pop up in their minds. What programming language should I focus on, that would get me the highest pay?

As far as popularity is concerned, the honor of the most number of users that code with their language is Java. This is closely followed by Python, Ruby, and PHP.


The popularity of C users have also suffered, and this is mainly due to the fact that Java is extensively being used for development of apps for Android.

Let us look at some of the highest paying programming languages of 2018


One of the main reasons why many C++ is used in the making of games is the fact that its execution time is swift. You also need to learn this language in order to label yourself as a bonafide programmer or developer. A grasp of C++ is a necessity in most software engineer posts offered by Google. With C++, you will be able to get jobs that will fetch you Rs 5,25,000 every year.



C is one of the oldest languages in programming, and many other languages are based on C these days. With the need of Java developers due to the increase in Android Development’s popularity, the need for programmers that specialize in C has indeed decreased. But still, there are high paying jobs where the knowledge of C language is a requirement. Microsoft and Google are two companies that are in constant search of C experts. Learning this language will fetch you RS 6,00,00 every year.



A language that was developed by Oracle, the number of devices that operate on Java has recently reached a figure that was more than 3 million and counting. A language that is popular among developers, you’d fetch yourself an annual package of Rs 7,00,000.



There has been a significant increase in Python’s popularity in the past 5 or 6 years, and this can be attributed to the fact that the language is straightforward. It is so simple that a beginner would find it very easy to understand. Due to its simplicity, it is put to use in esteemed establishments such as NASA and Google. A Rs 6,50,000 annual package can be expected with this language.


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